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Ahle Sunnat Lababin Jamaat’s Appeal To The Local Merchants, Traders And Residents Of Melvisharam

Ahle Sunnat Lababin Jamaat’s Appeal To The Local Merchants, Traders And Residents Of Melvisharam

The number of Corona Virus cases is spreading very fast in Tamil Nadu. The government is implementing various measures to control the spread of the disease.

The new regulations are coming into effect in Tamil Nadu from May 06.3.2021 due to continues of Corona. The government of Tamil Nadu has said that these restrictions will be in force from 4 am on May 6 to 4 am on May 20.

1. Essentials like pharmacies, milk supply can function as usual.

2. Vegetables, grocery, fruit shops should operate only till noon without refrigeration facilities.

3. Tea shops are allowed to operate only until noon.

4. Permission to provide only parcel service in restaurants.

5. Saloons in rural and corona-controlled areas and Beauty salons are not allowed to operate.

6. Meat shops and fish markets are not allowed to open on Saturdays and Sundays.

7. Permission to operate with 50 percent staff in government offices and private offices.

8. Petrol and diesel stocks will be allowed to continue operating.

9. 50 people can participate in wedding events. Only 20 people are allowed to participate in death-related events.

10. Passengers are allowed only 50 percent seats in train, metro, private, and government buses.

11. Permission to work night shifts in IT companies

12. Prohibition on community, political, educational and entertainment, other ceremonial events.

13. It is not allowed to hold ceremonies in open-air and indoor arenas.

14. The full curfew and night curfew will continue Sundays.

Merchants and Traders, including those who have theirs shops on the interior of streets, should follow all the rules issued by the government.

We would also like to inform you that our Jamaat will not make any recommendation or assistance in favor of the traders if the health department or the police take any legal action against the businesspersons who violate these restrictions announced by the government.

Appeal To The General Public

We urge everyone to cooperate with our Government’s protocol in following health measures, including wearing a mask and adhering to social gaps to control the spread of the disease.


By Muthavalli

 Mr. Pakthini Irfan Ahmed Sahib

Mr. Gramani Mohammad Amir Sahib

Mr. Gramani Jamal Ahmed Sahib

Mr. Sowcar Irshad Ahmed Sahib

 (Ahle Sunnat Lababin Jamaat)

Crackdown On Leather Units Hits Jobs, Exports Despite PM Modi's Goal

A government crackdown on Muslim-dominated abattoirs and the trade of cattle dragged down India's exports of leather shoes by more than 13 per cent in June, as leading global brands turned to China, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Pakistan to secure supplies.
The drop in exports of shoes and leather garments comes as a setback for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has sought to create millions of jobs by more than doubling the leather industry's revenues to $27 billion by 2020.
Emboldened by the victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the 2014 general election, Hindu hard-liners became more assertive in their calls for a clamp-down on both the meat and leather industries, which are largely run by Muslims, who make up 14 per cent of the population.
"The writing was already on the wall," Nazir Ahmed, CEO of shoemaker Park Exports, told Reuters by phone from the shoe-making hub of Agra. "We have killed the goose that laid the golden egg."
India, the world's second-biggest supplier of shoes and leather garments, exports nearly half its leather goods, with overseas sales estimated at $5.7 billion in the 2016/17 fiscal year to March, down 3.2 per cent from a year earlier. Footwear exports fell more than 4 per cent in April-June, to $674 million.
In March, after being appointed chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, India's most populous state and a major leather exporter, Yogi Adityanath, a firebrand Hindu monk, ordered a closure of abattoirs operating without licenses. Hindus consider cows as sacred.
Slaughterhouse owners complain that much of India's meat and leather trade takes place in the informal sector, and it is hard to get licenses, especially for smaller units.
In May, citing cruelty to animals, the central government banned the trade of cattle for slaughter, and restricted livestock sales only for agricultural purposes such as ploughing and dairy production.
But the Supreme Court overturned that order, citing the hardship the ban had caused. That has not brought relief as repeated attacks on trucks carrying cattle still rankle the leather trade.
"The Supreme Court has allowed the resumption of trade for cattle, but the ground reality is that cow vigilante groups continue to be active and no one wants to risk his life by transporting cattle," Ahmed said.
Deterred by a clutch of measures that squeezed the supply of leather, a key raw material, brands like H&M, Inditex-owned Zara and Clarks, cut back their orders to India, said M Rafeeque Ahmed, a leading shoe exporter from Chennai and former president of the Federation of Indian Export Organisations.
"We lost orders because our buyers were sceptical of our ability to meet their requirements. Instead, most buyers moved to rival suppliers in Asia and southeast Asia," he said. A spokesman for the Trade Ministry declined to comment.
Earlier this year, a Finance Ministry report said India should sign more free trade agreements, make tax, and labour reforms to drive leather exports, which offer “tremendous opportunities for (the) creation of jobs
The industry is also grappling with the national Goods and Services Tax, introduced in July, which has pushed up production costs by 6-7 per cent, exporters said.
The crackdown also hurt day-workers employed at shoe and garment making units and hit leather supplies, forcing manufacturers to import hides from the United States, Australia, and some European nations, raising the cost of production and squeezing margins.
Many tanneries, as a result, have run out of leather. "My business has come to a standstill because I don't have any inventory at all. Most large shoemakers are importing hides now," said a tannery owner, who asked not to be named so as to avoid retaliation from cow vigilante groups.
Nearly a third of the roughly 3 million-strong workforce, mostly lowly-paid casual workers employed in the leather sector, have lost their jobs in the past six months, according to six shoemakers and two tannery owners interviewed by Reuters for this article.
Since most states have outlawed cow slaughter, the supply of leather largely comes from the legal slaughter of buffaloes whose skins are used in many leather goods.
"Everyone must abide by the rule on cow slaughter and respect sentiments, but by choking the supply of other animal hides, we have nearly killed a thriving industry," said Ahmed of Park Exports.

© Thomson Reuters 2017
Source: NDTV - Click link here - October 4, 2017

Aadhaar-Linking Deadlines: Ensure You Link Your Aadhar Card

Deadline for linking Aadhaar with PAN is December 31, 2017
The government has made it mandatory to link Aadhaar cards with bank accounts, permanent account numbers (PAN), income tax return (ITR), social security schemes and even mobile phones. If one does not have the 12-digit Unique Identification Number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India, he will have to now get it made in order to avail all these facilities. In fact, the government recently extended the deadline for obtaining Aadhaar for availing government schemes and subsidies by three months to December 31. The extension is, however, only for those who are yet to apply for Aadhaar, an order issued by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology said. As many as 135 schemes (of 35 ministries) including the free cooking gas (LPG) to poor women, kerosene and fertilizer subsidy, targeted public distribution system and Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) will be covered by the extension.
Be it linking of Aadhaar card with PAN, mobile SIM cards or bank accounts, there are different deadlines specified in each case. Read Further:
Last day for linking Aadhaar with mobile SIMs is February 6, 2018 
Supreme Court decides to stop sim cards running on fake identities, now it is mandatory to link aadhaar card with mobile number i.e SIM Card through bio-metric verification to keep it active. If you don’t link your sim card with your Aadhar card then your number is going to disconnected very soon. So if you don’t want to loose your mobile number then make sure that you link your sim [Airtel, Idea, Vodafone Any] with Aadhar before last date.
In case, you have purchased sim card with biometric verification then you don’t have to go through this verification process. The linking process is very simple and free of cost and can be done at any retailer shop. Also you don’t have to give your id card photocopy or photographs to retailer as this process is based on biometric verification which gets completed online so all you need a aadhaar card, sim card along with owner of aadhaar card as this process includes biometric verification so you will have to verify your fingerprints at retailer shop so your linkage can be authenticated. Read Further:
Deadline for submitting Aadhaar to banks is also December 31, 2017
Linking Aadhaar Card with Bank Account via Online & Offline Mode | Updation of Aadhaar details to Bank Account for LPG Subsidy
Our Government is encouraging people to update aadhaar card details with their respective bank accounts. People often get confused with the process of Linking aadhaar card with bank account. The process is actually quite easy and can be completed easily. I will be explaining the methods that will be applicable to almost all Banks. No matter if your Bank is State bank of India(SBI), Punjab National Bank(PNB), Oriental Bank of Commerce(OBC), HDFC, ICICI,Canara, Axis Bank or any other. However, i also try to explain the process for each bank separately under a separate category. This particular post is dedicated to provide the general steps of updating aadhaar number and other details with bank account. Read Further:
Last date to give Aadhaar details to avail social schemes - December 31, 2017
Aadhaar number has to be provided for availing of all social security schemes by December 31, 2017. In order to avail pension, LPG cylinders or government scholarships, one must provide his or her Aadhaar card details.

Meanwhile, the government also plans to make linking of Aadhaar mandatory for driving licence. "It (Aadhaar-Licence linking) would be done soon to check the menace of multiple licensing," Electronics and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has said. (With agency inputs)
According to latest judgement by Supreme Court which came on 11 August,2015 .It has clearly stated to   center as well as states that   no Indian citizen would    suffer or denied from any Social Welfare Scheme if he /she is not having Aadhaar card. The Aadhaar card is issued by Unique Identification Authority of India. In this decision Supreme Court has allowed the   centre to link the Public Distribution System (PDS) and LPG Subsidy with the Aadhaar card data. Further the court has rejected the appeal to connect other schemes with Aadhaar card. Read Further:


A long term plan, A long term dream, A long term project

Yes it is! not an easy task to bring off campus. But we tried and got it done, am glad and thankful to all the volunteers and the management team of CAHCET.
Event Summary:
o   It’s always been a pride to walk in the University with our Brand, connecting with young minds sharing all the information about the HPE Career, work life balance, Innovation & Technology.
o   Covering about 700+ Students and engaging all of them with the help of 8 HPE volunteers.
o   We got very positive feedback from the students & faculty members, they found it very useful, especially all the volunteers (as they all belong to the same University).
o   We had simple quiz and gifts were distributed to majority of the participants, Photo shoot was really amazing and those who upload the #meetHPE in social media.


Making a Difference!... 
We are so very diverse in terms of technology. There is almost nothing that we don’t do.
And that allows me to think – what is the next great thing I want to do? and then someone at among my contacts will definitely have the expertise to help make the idea a reality.
It was amazing! connecting with the school toppers of our Basti!. and honoring them.
Next Year will make it more especial inshallah - Plans in place
Especial Thanks to:
The Principal of Islamiah Boys Higher Secondary School 
The Principal of KH Boys Higher Secondary School 
Mr. Irshad Sir.
Mr. Naymathullah - Techirsh 
Mr. Zafer Ahmed - for helping me in all logistics.
Mr. Abdul Majeed and; Faaique Sadathullah, and all other Volunteers.
1. VserV
2. Shameem Pharmacy
3. ZQ Hardware 
“It's the action, not the fruit of the action, that's important. You have to do the right thing. It may not be in your power, may not be in your time, that there'll be any fruit. But that doesn't mean you stop doing the right thing. You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.” – Mahatma Gandhi 

The beauty comes when we shape others to make a difference in their life. That is the beauty of coaching to inspire our next generation of students. We thank everyone for their kind support to make this event great and memorable to everyone.

International Chocolate Day Celebration Sep 13, 2017

Yipee Itz Time for Some Chocolates- International Chocolate Day Celebration Sep 13: Collected over 5000 different variety of chocolates from our Chennai #DXC employees and distributed it to various Chennai NGO's and Government Schools in Visharam. Especial thanks to my Father Janab. Minni Zafer Ahmed sahib. who took all the efforts to visit couple of Government Schools in Melvisharam & Kilvisharam and distributed about 500+ chocolates. I will have the photos uploaded soon.

Now we are planning to distribute chocolates in Ilyas Sir's tuition - heard of discipline and quality among students, to acknowledge & appreciate them we are having this drive on 1st Oct 2017 time 6:30 AM.

Requesting you to join hands  and make a difference

Lend us a helping hand, Leather Industry urges Government

Lend us a helping hand, Leather Industry urges Government

Vellore accounts for 30 per cent of leather exports in the country and stakeholders want the government to play a bigger role in improving the sector.— File Photo: D.Gopalakrishnan
The leather industry in Vellore district is one of the largest in the country, and it is looking to the State government for help with resources and give a boost to the infrastructure.
Areas in Vellore district, particularly Ranipet, Melvisharam, Ambur and Vaniyambadi, are home to hundreds of leather manufacturing units. Nationally, if the whole State accounts for 45 per cent of leather exports, Vellore’s share stands at 30 per cent, according to M. Rafeeque Ahmed, chairman of Council for Leather Exports.
“When it comes to leather exports, Vellore is the largest contributing district. One of the biggest problems faced by the sector here is environment related. In many States, the government contributes to enable leather industries to adopt and implement a zero-liquid discharge system,” he says.
While industries get funding from the Centre for the implementation of the system, the Tamil Nadu government, Mr. Ahmed says, should contribute funds for bringing in a permanent solution.
Another crucial requirement for the leather sector is continuous power supply. To boost exports, the State government should intervene and get the Chennai Port-Maduravoyal elevated expressway built fast, he adds.
“The works have been stalled for nearly five years. If this is completed, there will be 24-hour movement of container lorries. Presently, lorries are allowed into the port after 10 p.m. and this is leading to queuing of vehicles. The project will breathe life into the port.”
Water shortage
S. Faiyaz Ahmed, honorary secretary of Ambur Tanners Association, also insists that the government should invest in the sector. “We are facing a water shortage in Vellore. We recycle processed water and reuse it. Currently, we are able to recycle 70 per cent water, and want to take this to 90 per cent. This requires a lot of investment, and we need the State government’s investment to take this forward.”
Of the total exports, Vellore alone accounts for Rs. 5,000-Rs. 6000 crore worth of products.
“Many foreigners visit places such as Ranipet, Ambur and Vaniyambadi. The municipalities do not have sewage treatment plants and sewage overflows onto the roads in many areas, and this does not give a good impression,” he says. The government, Mr. Faiyaz Ahmed adds, should provide special attention for towns that generate employment and foreign exchange and establish proper infrastructure such as STPs and roads.
According to him, the town of Ambur contributes Rs. 14 crore annually to the Employees’ State Insurance Scheme. But, the people here do not get to enjoy the benefits.
“Only two ESI hospitals in the State — at Chennai and Salem — performed major surgeries,” he points out. “The ESI dispensary at Ambur should be upgraded and equipped to perform major surgeries.”
 Source: THE HINDU

Graduation Day: Over 450 candidates get degrees at MMES Arts & Science College for Women in Melvisharam

It’s a memorable day in their career for the students of Melvisharam Muslim Education Society (MMES) Arts & Science College for Women. A total of 459 candidates received their degrees at the 5th Graduation Day of the Melvisharam Muslim Education Society (MMES) Arts & Science College for Women in Melvisharam on Sunday.

Fifteen of them are university rank holders of Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore — seven postgraduates and eight graduates.

Vice-Chancellor of Tamil Nadu Open University Dr. (Mrs.) Chandrakantha Jeyabalan, delivered the Graduation Day Address and distributed the certificates to the candidates in the presence of S. Ziaudeen Ahmed, General Secretary and K. Anees Ahmed, Correspondent of the college. Freda Gnanaselvam, Principal coordinated the programme.

Following are the University rank-holders:

Arifa and Thasleemunnisa C. (I and II rank, M.Sc. Biotechnology);

Pavithra K. (III rank, B.A. English);

Suhajidha Thabasum S. (III rank, B.Sc. Computer Science);

Arifa Yasmeen F. (III rank, M.A. English);

Noorunisha M. (V rank, BBA);

Srimathi R. (V rank, B.Sc. Biotechnology);

Jansi Priyanka J. (VI rank, BBA); Anitha S. (VI rank, M.A. English);

Sogarunnisa H. (VI rank, B.Sc. Biotechnology); Shabnam Shereen A. (VI rank, M.Sc. Biotechnology);

Suganya S. (VII rank, M.A. English); Asma Afreen M.H. (IX rank, B.Sc. Biotechnology);

Sohaniya Taj H. (X rank, B.Sc. Biotechnology); Sopna R. (X rank, M.Sc. Biotechnology).

MC congratulates the graduates for their achievements, also their parents for their children’s accomplishment, and wishes the graduates to take their dreams to the corners of their smiles, to the highest of their hopes, to every windows of their opportunities in their careers!