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Highway Bus stop in Melvisharam

Highway Bus stop in Melvisharam

Being located in a stratergic location in the Chennai – Bangalore national highway, Melvisharam town enjoys to serve as a connecting point to the industries and other villages/town around it.
People feel very difficult to access bus from Arcot and Vellore bus stands to reach melvishram and its surrounding places. Moreover, there is always confusions which creates problem to travel visharam with local buses with two different bus stands in vellore. All the bus services ignores to stop in that existing Masjid-e-khizar stop.
With the rapid developments to serve people in and around Melvisharm more number of health cares like Apollo KH hospital, Sathya Dental Hospital, clinics, leading academic institutions from arts and since to engineering to women’s college, service and production industries attracts large number of people from far away locations. Since much of the buses passes through the national highway, people prefer to get down at Apollow KH Hospital stop which gives easy accesses to all the centers by means of local transportation.
It is well known that people of visharam and those who work here in visharam approached the highway and transport officials to stop the bus in that Apollo Stop. All the effort of the past went to deaf ears, no officials are interested to hear our request to have a bus stop in Melvisharam highway. When express buses itself will stop at Madhanur, Pallikonda, Natrampalli, Bargur plying on Bangalore side and Kaveeripakkan, Oocheri, Balachettipuram, Sungvachatteram, Sriperambattur on Chennai side; why can’t it serve to the needs of Third Grade Muncipality town people who are either visiting visharam or travelling out of visharam?
With turning down the repeated requests from many social service organizations of Melvisharam, Islamiah Welfare Organization plans to hold a mass rally on Monday, the 11th January 2010 to appeal the Government of Tamil Nadu and the concerned authorities to halt all kind of bus services to discharge and take-on the passegers at Apollow KH Hospital Stop. After a long silence, this initiative is energized by IWA and it will be good for all the people to unite and stand in a harmonious way and support the rally to achieve its aim in a peaceful effort.
Note: There seems to be lot of appeals made to Ministers / MLA’s / Authorities in earlier times, if anyone have informatio about this, please share it with others with your comments.

Greetings from Prime Minister..........

Greetings from Prime Minister..........
New Delhi, Sept 20 (ANI): Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh today greeted the nation on the occasion of Id-ul-Fitr.
In his message, Dr. Singh said that Id-ul-Fitr marks the end of the period of fasting during the pious month of Ramzan. The festival commemorates austerity, brotherhood and the spirit of sharing. It reflects the true spirit of our composite culture.
"May the festival strengthen our resolve to promote tolerance and peace and live in harmony," the Prime Minister added.
Id-ul-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims observe a daylong fast and open it in the evening.
At the end of Ramadan, Muslims throughout the world observe a joyous three-day celebration called Id-ul-Fitr.
Id-ul-Fitr falls on the first day of Shawwal, the month, which follows Ramadan in the Islamic calendar.
It is a time to give in charity to those in need, and celebrate with family and friends the completion of a month of blessings and joy. (ANI)

How to get a Ration Card?

A message from Aadil in the chat box brought my attention on important issues like Ration Card. I did a small search to gather information about it and landed my thoughts to explain two things: First - about ration card with its need, second - How to get the ration card……procedure to get ration card. I hope this information is helpful to our community. In case, of error, please give your valuable comment / feedback for corrections.
What is a Ration Card and why is it needed?
A Ration Card is a document issued under an order or authority of the State Government, as per the Public Distribution System, for the purchase of essential commodities from fair price shops. State Governments issue distinctive Ration Cards to Above Poverty Line, Below Poverty Line and Antyodaya families and conduct periodical review and checking of Ration Cards.
A Ration Card is a very useful document for us as it helps save money by aiding in the procurement of essential commodities at a subsidized rate. It has also become an important tool of identification now-a-days. You may need to produce a copy of your Ration Card as proof of identification when applying for other documents like Domicile Certificate, for inclusion of your name in the Electoral Rolls, etc.
For the purpose of categorization of cardholders under Public Distribution System, the Government of Tamil Nadu have prescribed two colour cards viz., Pink and Yellow. The Pink Colour cardholders will be entitled to rice and other essential commodities at prices as fixed by the Government from time to time. The Yellow Colour cardholders would draw their rations other than rice based on options. Those who opt out of rice can draw additional quantity of sugar or kerosene as the case may be, in lieu of rice at prices as fixed by the Government from time to time.
What you need to do to obtain a Ration Card
1. Get the application form from Zonal PDS Office or Download here
2. Fill the form with all the details with your passport size photograph.
3. Deposit it at in our Zonal PDS Office (Walaja) and get a form for applying the card.
4. You would have to give to the office a copy of your Address Proof and Identity Proof [Voter ID card or Driving License].
5. After that fill it and submit there itself.
6. The officer from the Civil Supplies Office from our taluk will come to visit your home to check personalities, as per the address mentioned in the Registration Form as well as the Address Proof and Identity Proof.
7. You will get a ration card hopefully in 60 days.
If it doesn’t satisfy you in 60 days, contact Assistant Commissioner of Civil Supplies / Taluk Supply Officer. If you are unable get the things done there also, just try here….
District Supply & Consumer Protection Officer,
Collectorate Complex - Vellore.
Phone: 0146-2252586. Email:dso.tnvlr@nic.in
Additional information related to Ration Cards….listed below in the table are the various types of forms to be filled by card holders.
Form No.1
For issue of new Ration Card – pay a fee of Rs. 5/- with required documents.
Form No.8
Adding Names
Form No.9
Deleting Names
Form No.14
Change of Address
Form No.15
Replace / Lost / Mutilated Ration Card

Singh is king! Kingmakers are out...

Singh is king! Kingmakers are out...

Kingmakers are out. There is only one king in the out of the Great Indian Election 2009. And that's Manmohan Singh, the prime ministerial candidate of the Congress-led UPA (United Progressive Alliance) that won with a decisive margin, belying predictions of a hung parliament. At least half-a-dozen regional satraps who were harboring prime ministerial ambitions and were itching to play kingmakers are now out in the cold. Contrary to the pre-poll scenario, when both the Congress and the BJP were assiduously courting them in search of the elusive 272 halfway mark in parliament, the market value of the so-called kingmakers has dipped dramatically.
Almost all exit polls predicted a photo finish contest between the two leading political formations, fuelling ambitions of those who were bracing to drive hard political bargains.
Not sure of the numbers, a timorous Congress was courting Janata Dal-United (JD-U) leader Nitish Kumar despite his insistence that he was firmly in the NDA camp. Telugu Desam Party (TDP) chief N. Chandrababu Naidu, AIADMK leader J. Jayalalithaa, Biju Janata Dal chief Naveen Patnaik were among those the Congress was eyeing and had sent emissaries to woo.
Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi even went to the extent of praising Nitish Kumar and Naidu as examples of good leaders outside the UPA fold - widely seen as overtures to the two who have carved their careers around anti-Congress politics.
The BJP, which was hoping to emerge at the head of the largest pre-poll alliance, too, unleashed a charm offensive. Senior BJP leader M. Venkaiah Naidu flew to Hyderabad to forge equations with Naidu, a former NDA ally. Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi rushed to Chennai to say it with flowers to Jayalalithaa, who was already declaring price for her support: the dismissal of the M. Karunanidhi government.
Others were broadcasting their wish list for potential suitors.
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati's ambitions transcended mere deal-making as she fancied herself as a dark horse who could walk away with the prime ministerial trophy if her Third Front allies manage to get more than 100 seats. She was banking on her friend, Communist Party of India-Marxist leader Prakash Karat, who repeatedly said the Left Front would work to install a non-Congress, non-BJP government at the centre. And Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav went around saying unabashedly that his party's support would be for any alliance that would dismiss his bete noire Mayawati's government.
Now the long and twisted wish list of potential kingmakers lies in tatters as they wake up to the post-poll reality. The numbers, on which they were shoring up their dreams, are not simply not with them this time round.
A good news article from Yahoo! By Manish Chand; Submtted by Zia-ul-Mubeen

Fastest site for +2 Results

Fastest site for +2 Results

Student communities, Please find the fastest site to see your +2 results. Click on this link to see your results http://www.schools9.com/kmtpuc.htm.


Call us for service with temporary phone numbers for this updates 9894165556/9894065085

+2 Results - any where but within your reach!

+2 Results - any where but within your reach!

+2 RESULTS will be available as text message in your mobile phone. Impiger Technologies will provide all the services to get results in your SMS inbox. To get the results by SMS, students / individuals have to register their names at http://www.getyourscore.in/ or send SMS text message to 9940054783 RESULT and the registration number.

The format is type RESULT REGISTER NUMBER and send to 99400 54783.

Visharam is also going to decide THE ELECTION 2009!

Visharam is also going to decide THE ELECTION 2009!

The Largest democracy of the world is going to polls and choosing its representative through a record number of voters for the 15th Lok Sabha. This Huge process which costs around 1,120 crore rupees, starts on April 16, goes up to 13 May 2009 and the Indian people will receive the new government in place within 2 June 2009. The result of the election will be announced on 16th May, 2009.
The round-up of Lok Sabha Polls 2009 has a total of 543 seats with 714 Million voters. The election will be held with the Electronic voting machine (EVM), as was done with the 2004 election. There are 13,68,430 voting machines available across the country. There are 8,28,804 polling stations in the country which was 20% increase over the past 2004 election. The 2009 general election will see 3 main national pre-poll alliances take on each other. They are United Progressive Alliance, National Democratic Alliance and Third Front Alliance.
Everyone will be aware that Melvisharam falls under Ranipet assembly segment which itself falls under Arakkonam Lok Sabha Constituency. The six assembly segments - Tiruttani, Arakkonam, Sholinghur, Ranipet, Arcot, Cheyyar falls under the Arakkonam Constituency.
It is the responsibility of every citizen to vote and elect their representative who will voice and represent the issues and developments in the Parliament. Before voting blindly for any person to represent our constituency, one should know about the candidate whether he / she is capable of solving the unsolved current issues and bringing good developments to the last root of the segment. Let we all expect the best candidate be elected in our constituency who have the patience to answer us when the needs arise!
For opinion polls and other details click here.

Contribute your 1-day salary to Crescent Welfare

Contribute your 1-day salary to Crescent Welfare

Does 1-day salary of yours mean you very much? Is it so important to you that you can’t spend on anyone but for yours need? Hope it is not so. Now let me tilt the question. Does 1-day salary of yours mean nothing to you? Is it not so important to you that you spend on your needs? Then contribute your 1-day salary to help the society. Who says that you need to help only when you earn lacs? Earning thousands and helping/contributing tens is far better than a person earning lacs and contributing in tens. During the College day function in CAHCET, dynamic chief guest Mr.M.Mohamed Hashim, said some golden words. “How many of you really earn with a minute thought that you will be serving the society?” The answer seems to be very challenging.
In view of helping serving the society, let us join hands to contribute our 1-day salary to Crescent welfare association, who have been vigorously serving the society in all aspects. They have been helping the deserving students to fulfil their educational dreams. To be realistic and practical, my dream was also fulfilled by their generous contributions. It was all because of Almighty Allah, who through Crescent helped me, complete my graduation. Many are reaping the benefits from crescent welfare association. If you help any deserving persons, then that helping tendency will be injected into him, and in turn he will serve the society when he stands alone. To say in short “Serve the society, Contribute your 1-day salary”. To state the statistical data, there may be nearly at least 500 graduates in Melvisharam, and if in average 1-day salary are 300, then the contribution accounts to Rs 1, 50,000. This will satisfy most of the needy deserving persons. Do you want to be in the list of serving-society persons, then contribute. Am not saying to do for the fame, you can also contribute anonymously. Hope this triggers some of them at least to think of contributions a little. Contributions must be to the society, for the society, by the society.

There will be turnaround in IT job prospects: FICCI chief

VELLORE: There will be a huge turnaround in employment prospects for the engineers in the Information Technology (IT) field soon, thanks to the ambitious target set by the Manufacturers Association for Information Technology (MAIT), according to M. Rafeeque Ahmed, president, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), Tamil Nadu State Council.
Addressing the 11th College Day celebrations of the C. Abdul Hakeem College of Engineering and Technology (CAHCET) at Melvisharam on Monday, Mr. Rafeeque Ahmed said that MAIT had set a target for the government to create a vibrant domestic IT market with 500 million Internet users as against the present 55 million, 100 million broadband connections as against the present five million, and 100 million connective devices by 2012.
The 11th Plan, he said, has envisaged a huge outlay for infrastructure development in the country to make it a developed country. Great stress is being laid on development of world-class highways, ports, railways and communication facilities. With the government committed to encourage these programmes on a public-private partnership basis, youth graduating from other branches of engineering too will have opportunities for gainful employment, he said.
Referring to the decline in campus recruitment by the IT industry, the FICCI State president said that recent developments in the country’s economy, though not on the same scale as previous years, has inbuilt potential as against the developed countries. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which was growing at the rate of around nine percent per annum since the past four or five years, is estimated to record a growth rate of about seven percent in 2009, next only to that of China.
“Though our country may not be immune to the fallout of the global financial crisis, it is likely to fare better than the other developing countries thanks to its domestic market and less reliance on exports”. No doubt the country might miss the overall export target of U.S. $ 170 billion for the leather trade for the current financial year, but experts such as C. Rangarajan, former chairman of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council predicted that there would be a turnaround in the economy by September 2009. The slowdown in economy also provided opportunities to the students to shape themselves to meet future requirements, he said.
M. Mohamed Hashim, Chairman, K.H. Foundation, Melvisharam and former chairman of the Council for Leather Exports, and P.A. Ibrahim, Chairman, P.A. College of Engineering, Mangalore spoke.

submitted by Hidayathullah / Reference: THE HINDU

How to get HDFC Bank services?

How to get HDFC Bank services?

People feel difficult to get information related to their needs and particular to Banking Services. With the assumption that many of the Visharamites becoming the customer of HDFC Bank, they should have some finger tip information about the same. Rather than providing information on opening an account, I feel it will be good to emphasize on how to reach HDFC services in case of your queries. Below are some of the contacts by which one can reach HDFC people from the lowest call center representative to the higher most officials. It will be always good to reach the officials from lower most ends. All the officials or responses will reach the customer / account holder within 7 working days as per the policy of HDFC Bank.
In case, one has received any unsatisfactory response(s) from any of HDFC personnel or channels, and would like to escalate the matter to Senior Management it will be good to file the complaints with the following contacts.
C. Abdul Hakeem College of Engineering & Technology,
Hakeem Nagar, Melvisharam – 632509, Tamil Nadu
Monday to Friday
10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
10.00 a.m. and 12.00 p.m.
Mr. Feroz
Mr. Ashok
Mr. Thulasimani
Their’s service is better than compare to previous bank and its team
Call our Toll-free number:1800 22 4060 (accessible from BSNL/ MTNL landline
Monday to Friday
8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday
8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
Phone No. 022-28569303
Monday to Friday
9.30 a.m. and 6.30 p.m.
9.30 a.m. and 1.30 p.m.
Phone No. 044 - 23744704
Monday to Friday
9.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m.
Phone No. 022-24961616 / 24910492
Monday to Friday
9.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m.
HDFC Bank House
Senapati Bapat Marg
Lower Parel, Mumbai 400 013
Manager, HDFC Bank Cards Division,
PO BOX # 8654, Thiruvanmiyur PO.,
Chennai - 600 041.
Mr. Caesar Pinto - Grievance Cell Officer,
Grievance Redressal Cell, HDFC Bank Ltd.,
Old Bldg; "C" Wing 3rd floor, 26-A Narayan Properties,
Chandivali Farm Road, Off Saki Vihar Road, Chandivali,
Andheri(East), Mumbai- 400 072.
Email : Grievance.Redressal@hdfcbank.com
Mr. Manoj Prem, - Grievance Cell Officer,
HDFC Bank Cards Division,
8, Lattice Bridge Road,
Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai 600041.
Email : customerservices.cards@hdfcbank.com
Mr. Caesar Pinto - Grievance Cell Officer
Grievance Redressal Cell - Depository Services,
HDFC Bank Ltd., Old Bldg; "C" Wing 3rd floor,
26-A Narayan Properties, Chandivali Farm Road,
Off Saki Vihar Road,Chandivali Andheri(East), Mumbai- 72.

The Melvisharam Community

The Melvisharam Community
MCP is formed by a group of like minded individuals who wants to bring the knowledge revolution to the native Melvisharam. MCP is striving to nurture the future citizens of India to be world class professionals.
MCP members are groomed from Melvisharam and are placed in corporates in different location with the heart inclined towards the cause of education for one and all. Despite the fact that, members of MCP are just the cameo from institutions and positioned with bare minimum experience in their professions, they are dedicated to serve the students community to have their bright livelihood by guiding them to achieve their career goals……………a self-righteous service to our beloved nation!
Please contact us with this mail admin@melvisharam.com for any recommendations or opinions from individuals to make effective services from MCP to reach its objectives.

Voter's ID Card

Voter's ID Card

It is very important and compulsory for all the citizens of India to have the valuable voter’s identity card. It becomes a basic identity card during the times of election and additionally can be used as address proof, local domicile, etc in various government programmes.
As election is approaching in our nation, Election commission is speeding up the issue of voter’s ID card all over India. EC has come up with a new idea to avoid long queue to get photographed for voter ID card. If you want to get a voter ID, fill up the form and attach a passport size photograph and in 72 hours you will get the new voter ID card. But the applicant has to go in person to get the Election Photo ID card.
For inclusion of names one have to submit complete information in FORM 6 and those who have any objections on inclusions of name should submit a duly filled FORM 7.
For more details related to this post visit the Indian Election Commission Site.

The HAJ 2009

The HAJ 2009
The Hajj Program 2009 has been announced by Hajj House Committee India, Hajj Application forms are available from today in all State Hajj House Committee for free of Cost and last date of submitting the form is 31st March 2009. Dear readers, please convey this message to your friends, colleagues and relatives who are willing to perform Hajj this year.
One important information is that the International Passport has been made mandatory from this year for the people who want to perform Hajj and those who do not got Passport may initiate the request in tatkal scheme. For more information please visit www.hajcommittee.com

Submit an Article, Win Yourname@melvisharam.com

Submit an Article, Win Yourname@melvisharam.com

Irrespective of location and profession of any person in any corner of the world, the common thing that everyone needs is peace. Melvisharam, the Land of Peace and Piece of Heaven, is one among the place where most of them felt it. I felt the need that everyone in this world should know about this place, which gives birth to several professionals who serve in and around our country. There are also many young buds from different places seeking knowledge in every field. Hereby, I launch the official site of Melvisharam, to serve our society. As a promotion of our site, a contest is being commenced from today 23rd February 2009 till end of March. The following are the details of the contest.
  • Write an article relating to any topic in and around Melvisharam,
  • The minimum length of the article must be 200 words,
  • E-mail the article to hashim@melvisharam.com with your Name, location, and your suggested email, like ismail@melvisharam.com.
  • Selected articles will be awarded a custom e-mail Yourname@melvisharam.com*
  • Every week two articles will be selected and e-mail will be provide to them in couple of days
  • All articles will be posted with the source name and the results will be announced every week in Melvisharam site
  • Only genuine articles will be accepted and published, No copyrighted articles or taken from other source, should be submitted.
* * * * * For any queries feel free to mail to hashim@melvisharam.com * * * * *

Islamiah Girls Higher Secondary School

Islamiah Girls Higher Secondary School

It was in the year 1946 that this school had its origin as an Elementary School, due to the great endeavours of the members of Melivisharam Muslim Educational Society, Melvisharam. In those days, the need for a good and efficient Muslim School, that can give secular and religious education to girls was keenly felt in the locality. Then the School was named as Isalamiah Junior Basic School, Melvisharam. It was recognized by the Government of Madras in 1954.

Under the able guidance of late Janab V Hajee Khaleelur Rahman Sahib, the then President, M.M.E.S, Janab S.M. Hajee Abdul Jameel Sahib, the then Secretary and later Janab A. Ahmed Basha Sahib, M.A., the then Correspondent, the school has grown steadily.

It was in the year 1966, that the sixth Standard was added and in 1968 the school became a Middle School.Then in the year 1973, it became a full-fledged High School and the first batch of students was presented for the SSLC Public Examination in March 1976 and from that day the school has been making steady progress.

By the grace of Allah and solid support of then President, Hajee S.M Jameel Sahib and then Correspondent Hajee, S. Zafar Ahmed sahib and other important members of the committee, the school overcame every difficulty and today it stands on firm footing.

In 1985, the school was shifted to its newly constructed permanent building and his occasion was celebrated in a grand manner. Dignitaries like Thiru C. Aranganayagam, Janab Y.S.M. Yusuff Sahib, the then Minister of Education and Irrigation Thiru T. Palani, T Kadirvelan, the M.L.A as on that day.

In the same year, the school was upgraded to a Higher Secondary School and the first batch of the student appeared for the public examination in April 1987 and secured 90% result.

KH Schools

KH Schools

The K.H. Foundation has been established to render service to the rural community in the field of education. A Matriculation school is functioning under the auspice of this foundation with classes L.K.G. to Std X from June 1991. By Allah's grace the school has attained the status of Higher Secondary during 1998-1999 and Alhamdulilah now it has a strength of about 1430 pupils on roll.
The School follows the state Matriculation pattern upto Std X and the state board pattern for the Higher Secondary Course. The medium of instruction is English.
The institution now has separate blocks for Boys and Girls of Classes I to XII. Urdu, Tamil and Hindi are offered as second language. Dheeniyath classes are compulsory for all Muslim students and find a place in regular time table and pupils are examined in the subject. Students are exposed to computer awareness programmed from First Standard on-wards. Sports activities are also encouraged to develop all round personality of the students.

Apollo KH Hospitals

Apollo KH Hospitals

Apollo KH Hospital, was established on the 14th of September, 2003. It is an association between Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited and the KH Group. The Hospital campus is spread across 10 acres of land in the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu.

The 100-bed multi-speciality hospital was founded with the objective of rural upliftment and development of community health. The hospital reserves a special focus for the healthcare for women and children.

The Centres of Excellence at the hospital are:

  • Multi-disciplinary Intensive Care Unit - Successfully treated cases of Myocardial Infarction, OP poisoning, stroke & post-neurosurgical patients
  • Lab Services A comprehensive - hi-tech facility with accurate and swift reporting
  • Emergency & Trauma Care - Round-the-clock facility to manage any sort of emergency with an ambulance designed as a mobile ICU

Medical Departments at Apollo KH Hospital:

Facilities and Equipment:

General Medicine




General Surgery


Obstetrics & Gynecology







Infertility Clinic

Contact Information

Apollo KH Hospital

Ranipet - Vellore Bypass Road, Melvisharam - 632509

(Near Ranipet on the Chennai- Bangalore Highway)

Vellore district, Tamil Nadu, South India.

Phone: +91 04172 269581-85, 269366 (Emergency)

Fax: +91 04172 269131