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Few engineering courses have accreditation in Tamil Nadu

CHENNAI: Only one in every five engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu offers accredited courses. The state's rating has slipped since 2009, when the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) said 164 technical institutions in the state offered accredited courses, among the highest in the country.
In Tamil Nadu, the fee for NAB-accredited courses is higher. While a government quota seat in a non-accredited course costs 40,000, an accredited course costs 45,000. Even this has not helped. "Many institutions don't go for accreditation even after seven years because they know they will fail, so they postpone applying for the process," said IIT Kanpur chairman M Anandakrishnan. There are some colleges that are 15 years old and have still not applied for accreditation.
"Accreditation is the only means to judge the quality of a course, and the only way to catch crooks," said Anandakrishnan. Educational consultant P Moorthy Selvakumaran said that though it was optional for colleges to choose whether they wanted to go in for an accreditation or not, it was important because employers want only students who have completed accredited courses and because many embassies offer visas only to students who pass out of accredited courses.
Only institutions where two batches of students have passed out can apply for NBA accreditation. Courses are given provisional accreditation for two years or a permanent accreditation depending on the scores given by the evaluating team. Institutions can go in for reaccreditation after expiry of the three- or five-year period.
The NBA, set up by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) in 1994, evaluates engineering and management courses offered by institutions on a 1,000-point scale based on eight criteria, including the teaching-learning process, research and development and the quality of faculty.
The National Authority for Regulation in Accreditation of Higher Education Bill that makes accreditation of all courses mandatory is still pending in Parliament.
Source: TOI

Plea to review hike in guideline value of lands in Melvisharam

Plea to review hike in guideline value of lands in Melvisharam
The Melvisharam Town Uplift Committee has appealed to the Tamil Nadu government to reconsider the steep hike in the guideline value of lands in Melvisharam town.

Muthu Rafeeque Ahmed, Secretary of the committee, said in a release that the public of Melvisharam have been affected by the steep hike in the guideline value of land in Melvisharam, effected by the government through an order. While the government order stated that the guideline value of lands has been increased by 40% to 60% with effect from April 1, in effect, the guideline value of land at Melvisharam town has been increased by 400% to 700%, which is contradictory to the claim made in the government order.

Citing examples of the hike, the secretary pointed out that the guideline value of land in Abdul Hakeem Road (Kathivadi Road), which was Rs.150 per square foot till March 31, has been increased to Rs.1,200 per square foot with effect from April 1, and this amounted to a 700% hike.

“We are unable to understand why such an abnormal burden has been imposed on the public of Melvisharam town alone”, said Mr. Ahmed, and appealed to the State government to reconsider the steep hike in the guideline value of lands in the town.
Published: April 25, 2012 00:00 IST , Updated: April 25, 2012 04:30 IST VELLORE, April 25, 2012

Ration Card - Fair Price Shop - Consumer Alerts

Ration Card - Fair Price Shop - Consumer Alerts
DO YOU WANT TO KNOW THE STOCK IN YOUR FAIR PRICE SHOP If so send SMS to 9789006492, 9789005450 as PDS space DistrictCode space Shopcode For Example if you send the message PDS 10 AA001 you will get the stock position of the PDS shop with code AA001 at Salem(10) District. District code is the first two numbers in your card number on top of your card and Shop code is available in the bottom box in the front page of your card Commissioner Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection www.consumer.tn.gov.in