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Ahle Sunnat Lababin Jamaat’s Appeal To The Local Merchants, Traders And Residents Of Melvisharam

Ahle Sunnat Lababin Jamaat’s Appeal To The Local Merchants, Traders And Residents Of Melvisharam

The number of Corona Virus cases is spreading very fast in Tamil Nadu. The government is implementing various measures to control the spread of the disease.

The new regulations are coming into effect in Tamil Nadu from May 06.3.2021 due to continues of Corona. The government of Tamil Nadu has said that these restrictions will be in force from 4 am on May 6 to 4 am on May 20.

1. Essentials like pharmacies, milk supply can function as usual.

2. Vegetables, grocery, fruit shops should operate only till noon without refrigeration facilities.

3. Tea shops are allowed to operate only until noon.

4. Permission to provide only parcel service in restaurants.

5. Saloons in rural and corona-controlled areas and Beauty salons are not allowed to operate.

6. Meat shops and fish markets are not allowed to open on Saturdays and Sundays.

7. Permission to operate with 50 percent staff in government offices and private offices.

8. Petrol and diesel stocks will be allowed to continue operating.

9. 50 people can participate in wedding events. Only 20 people are allowed to participate in death-related events.

10. Passengers are allowed only 50 percent seats in train, metro, private, and government buses.

11. Permission to work night shifts in IT companies

12. Prohibition on community, political, educational and entertainment, other ceremonial events.

13. It is not allowed to hold ceremonies in open-air and indoor arenas.

14. The full curfew and night curfew will continue Sundays.

Merchants and Traders, including those who have theirs shops on the interior of streets, should follow all the rules issued by the government.

We would also like to inform you that our Jamaat will not make any recommendation or assistance in favor of the traders if the health department or the police take any legal action against the businesspersons who violate these restrictions announced by the government.

Appeal To The General Public

We urge everyone to cooperate with our Government’s protocol in following health measures, including wearing a mask and adhering to social gaps to control the spread of the disease.


By Muthavalli

 Mr. Pakthini Irfan Ahmed Sahib

Mr. Gramani Mohammad Amir Sahib

Mr. Gramani Jamal Ahmed Sahib

Mr. Sowcar Irshad Ahmed Sahib

 (Ahle Sunnat Lababin Jamaat)