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Officially identified as Melvisharam, and commonly well-known as Visharam from small villages to public department of the states and central offices, perhaps globally. Is a small municipal residential town located in the NH-46, 120 km to the west of State capital Chennai (Madras) and 18 km from the District Headquarter Vellore. The estimated population is around 60,000 with 5% are temporarily settlers. Visharamites are known for their nationalist outlook, pious and liberal feelings.

The non-perennial Palar flows in the north and the Jawadhi Hills lies to the south. The town’s climate is always tropical throughout the year; summer arrives in the month of April and persists till June. The days are hotter with average maximum temperature going as high as 40°C. Nights are relatively cooler with a sudden drop in temperature. The relative humidity remains in the range of 40-50%. The month of June sees the onset of monsoon. Both southwestern as well as the northeastern branches of monsoons bring rains to the town. The average annual rainfall is around 700 millimeters. Winter arrives in the month of November. Days are pleasantly cool whereas nights are a bit cooler to a minimum of 15°C. The average maximum temperature remains in the range of 25°C.

The foremost occupation of the populace is trade in leather and leather products in large and small capacity of different variety followed with a small number of beedi, hardware trading, poultry, and self-employed dignified business. A large part of the population is employed to support the leather industry located in the industrial hub of Ranipet and Kathvadi, trailing with a small work force in beedi manufacturing industry within the boundaries of Melvisharam.

The golden dream of the elders of Visharam who sowed the seeds have cherished with the current ribbon of development in the town in transformation it into a splendid seat of great learning to cater to the educational needs of hundreds of thousands of blooming youths. This small town his blessed with 13 primary, 3 upper primary, 2 secondary, 3 higher secondary school, with PG/Doctorate level arts & science and engineering college and a separate women’s college. The long-established MMES and KH foundation are the lead players to quench the thirst who are in search of knowledge.