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Irrespective of location and profession of any person in any corner of the world, the common thing that everyone needs is peace. Melvisharam, the Land of Peace and Piece of Heaven, is one among the place where most of them felt it. I felt the need that everyone in this world should know about this place, which gives birth to several professionals who serve in and around our country. There are also many young buds from different places seeking knowledge in every field. Hereby, I launch the official site of Melvisharam, to serve our society. As a promotion of our site, a contest is being commenced from today 23rd February 2009 till end of March. The following are the details of the contest.
  • Write an article relating to any topic in and around Melvisharam,
  • The minimum length of the article must be 200 words,
  • E-mail the article to hashim@melvisharam.com with your Name, location, and your suggested email, like ismail@melvisharam.com.
  • Selected articles will be awarded a custom e-mail Yourname@melvisharam.com*
  • Every week two articles will be selected and e-mail will be provide to them in couple of days
  • All articles will be posted with the source name and the results will be announced every week in Melvisharam site
  • Only genuine articles will be accepted and published, No copyrighted articles or taken from other source, should be submitted.
* * * * * For any queries feel free to mail to hashim@melvisharam.com * * * * *


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  1. dear sir,
    i have submitted an article titled as " effective communication "- an imperative management tool. but till now i didn't received any response mail from the authority..
    i request the resource panel to look into it, and make it convenient to get back to the author at the earliest.
    hoping for the favorable reply.


    Y.irshad Ahmed.,