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Understand the moon phases to predict when the new lunar month begins

There has been a lot of confusion about the Eid-u-Fitr 2010. Will it happen on the friday 10, September or the following saturday the 11th?

The answer is very simple if one understand the moon phases below.

Date: Wednesday, September 08, 2010
Date: Thursday, September 09, 2010
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Comments by MCW member for moonsighting.com for India
  • Not Seen: Iqbalhusen Bokda (MCW member) from Gujrat reported: Moon has not been seen here in Gujarat as weather is cloudy in the whole state. It has not been seen in almost al parts of India as our friends informed. I tried to contact to Bihar,Bengal, UP and other states, but report is negative.
  • Not Seen (cloudy): Mohammed Mohsin Khan (MCW member) from Mumbai reported: Today Thursday 09 September 2010 / 29 Ramadaan 1431 in India. Here in Mumbai Sunset was at 06:47 p.m LT and Moonset was at 07:19 pm LT. Sky was cloudy hence Crescent has not been sighted in Mumbai City and in most Parts of India . Official Moon-Sighting Committee have officially announced that Friday 10 September 2010 will be 30 Ramadaan 1431 and Saturday 11 September 2010 will be 1st Shawwal 1431 (EID-ul-Fitr) in India. EID Mubarak to All Muslims.
  • Seen: Mazhar Pallumirah (MCW member) from Chennai reported: On 9th September 2010, although the Shawal moon was not seen in chennai/india due to cloudy sky, but in costal towns like Thuthukodi the new moon was sighted. Based on this, Eid-fitr decalared here on 10th september 2010.


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