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Assalamu alaikum…….. MoM of today's meeting for Kashmir relief.

September 20, 2014 -  as received in whatsapp MELVISHARAM Group:
In-sha Allah tomorrow @ 9 o clock Jamaath will start collection from central masjid.  Humble request from Moulana to share this important message and, contribute more to needy people in Kashmir. Further he added in a month or two winter gonna start and it will be very intensive with snowfall... still thousands of people are homeless and they are in tent now.. …..please, join us for this Nobel cause...
It is very heartening to know that, non-Muslims are taking active participation for this and, representation from our Muslim community is weak.
And these people are our Brothers n sisters we should help them in this hour of need. Jaan Aur maal dono ki zaroorat hai. Please, try to make your presence to collection center and may Allah reward us for every step we walk for the good cause. Aameen.


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